Who We Are

We are a group of thought leaders who helps translate our clients’ financial dreams into realities. We are passionate about financial wellness and enhancing our clients’ understandings of common, yet often misunderstood financial topics.

The Right Skills to Create Confidence

Our team members hold multiple certifications, designations, and accreditations:

What to Expect

Our interactive one hour sessions provide guidance on how to take a proactive approach towards managing the many facets of your financial life. We offer insights on essential financial topics to help you maximize your financial potential.

Seminar Topics

Financial Planning 101

– Learn to plan for life goals
– Assess your finances
– Identify strategies for financial success
– Retirement planning
– Education planning
– Personal risk management and insurances
– Estate planning

Social Security 101

– Learn the basics about the system
– How benefits are calculated
– How to maximize your future benefits
– Full Retirement Age (FRA)
– When to claim benefits and why
– Taxes, how to file, and the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP)



Asset Allocation & Investing 101

– Differences between stocks, bonds, cash, and alternative investments
– Active vs. passive fund management
– Types of risk
– Re-balancing tools
– 401(k) basics
– Portfolio diversification for a long-term retirement plan strategy

Insurance Planning 101

– Comprehensive overview of Life, Long Term Care, and Liability/Loss insurance
– Who each type of insurance is for
– What each type of insurance covers
– When you should consider adding coverage

Education Planning 101

– What will college cost?
– What is your funding goal?
– Ways to save college
– Financial aid and scholarships
– How an education plan fits into your overall financial plan
– College savings vehicles in various states

Retirement Planning 501

– Strategies for successful transition into retirement
– Evaluating the risks of prematurely exhausting your retirement income
– Personal risk management and assurances
– Social Security and Pensions

How We Charge For Our Services

Our compensation generally involves a fee per presentation or a package deal for multiple presentations.