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Jade M. Wilson

Client Services Associate

I was born and raised in Maryland along with my two older brothers, Tyjuan Jr. and Jared. As a kid, I remember my parents always keeping us engaged with different activities, keeping our weekends full, and making sure we did not want for anything. I would later learn in high school that they struggled significantly with finances during those early years. Seeing them manage our household despite those difficulties is what sparked my interest in financial security and planning.

In 2010, I enrolled in the University of Maryland, University College, where I graduated with a B.S. in Finance with a minor in Business Law & Public Policy. Upon graduation, I worked as an Accounting Assistant with Glover Park Group in Washington, D.C., before taking some time to travel internationally. Upon returning from my travels, I worked as a Product Management Specialist with BerkleyNet Underwriters, followed by roles as a Transfer Agent and Fund Administrator with MUFG Investor Services before joining AFS in February 2022.

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Outside of my career, traveling as much of the world as I can is one of my life goals. I have been to 10 different countries thus far with my first being Venezuela. My favorite destination has been Guatemala for the people, culture, and architecture. It is especially beautiful during Semana Santa.

In my daily life, I spend my time with my family and our dog, Luna, and have started delving into web development as a new hobby.